Concierge Process

The first step to retaining personal jeweler services is to request a consultation, using the form below.

The clients I engage with are referral based from existing clientèle. Be sure to mention the name of the client that referred you when scheduling a consultation.

After the initial introductions are made, and I have a high-level understanding of your needs, I will supply a questionnaire to help determine if we are a good fit. Common questions/topics covered are jewelry quality, time-line, budget, and custom design ideas.

If we discover that we are a good fit, you have the option to retain my services for $500. This amount covers sourcing diamonds and precious stones for your approval and starting the research and design process. The retainer amount is applied in full toward the total cost of the engagement upon delivery.

Custom design generally takes three or four weeks depending on the complexity of the design and procurement of materials. You will receive weekly updates on the progress of your design.

Once the design and fabrication is completed, any outstanding balance is settled and your custom jewelry is hand delivered or shipped over night.

About Bryant Hinsch

Bryant apprenticed with a 3rd generation jeweler for 3 years learning how to make jewelry before ever picking up a tool. He learned craftsmanship from an experienced jeweler in Florida who made findings from scratch. If he needed a clasp for a necklace, he made it. If he needed a link chain for a customer, he hand made each link. Bryant learned techniques from this true artisan.

After years of honing his craft, Bryant became the principal jeweler for Bailey, Banks and Biddle in Naples, FL in the 1990s. He later returned to the Fort Wayne area in 1999.

His passion is to create one of a kind pieces. Contrary to popular belief putting a stone in a mounting is not custom jewelry. He wants you to be one of one, not one of thousands, from a designer line.

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